Student Voice

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As part of the LETPP conference, we invited students from Bulgaria, Germany Italy, Slovenia, Spain and the UK to share their vision of what European language policy and multilingualism should look like in 2020.

This brought about very interesting ideas, ranging from starting to teach languages very early to emphasis that ‘the learning of a language should be viewed as a privilege, not as a torture in school and/or university’ to the idea that ‘Language skills should be considered a key to personal development and a way to broaden one's horizons.’

The essays tackle issues like language and identity, English as a world language and how to implement any language policy in the ‘diverse unity’ that is the European Union.

Presentation of Student Voice from Across Europe and Beyond

Alejandra Cruz, Complutense University of Madrid
Jan Hrvatin, University of Primorska
Hristina Toteva, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Tamara Schabunow, University of Goettingen
Sam Duckett, London School of Economics
Emanuela Tenca, Universita degli Studi di Parma
Boryana Terzieva, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Francesca Washtell, London School of Economics
Eszter Wirth, Complutense University of Madrid
Janis Zaikovskis, London School of Economics
Maria Stoycheva, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Violeta Georgieva, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Hristo Iliev, University of Sofia, Bulgaria

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