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Ruben Martinez - Prof. Dev. Centre for Teachers in Almeria, Spain

Plurilingualism promotion plan in Andalucia (SPAIN) : A language policy for Andalusian society

In the context of the LETTP PROJECT I would expose some of the most interesting lines in relation to the theme of the project being carried out in southern Spain, Andalucia.

The programme in called:

Plurilingualism promotion plan in Andalucia (SPAIN)

The main pillars of the Plurilingualism Plan are to improve the language skills of the Andalusian population in their mother tongue and, at the same time, to provide them with plurilingual and pluricultural skills.

As far as Andalusian school pupils are concerned, the objective is to achieve plurilingual and pluricultural skills, sequencing the contents of each stage of schooling and adapting assessment criteria to those established in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment as mentioned above.

With the objective of improving the language skills of Andalusian school pupils, measures are to be taken to bring forward the teaching of the first foreign language to Infant and Primary Schools. There will also be a progressive flexibilisation of school timetables in order to make it possible for Secondary School pupils to receive foreign language tuition every school day, in accordance with the pedagogic trends.

Likewise, there must be attention to the diversity of our pupils, since this is the prime mechanism for adjustment of the pedagogical offer to the capacities, interests and needs of the pupils who require it and since it can correct inequialities in the conditions of access to language learning.

The launch of Secondary Education distance learning for persons with disabilities offers the opportunity to bring plurilingual education to adult learners and learners with special needs.

The objective of improving language skills among Andalusian society as a whole is a commitment of the Regional Government that is bases on the plurilingual, pluricultural character of our Autonomous Community, which is a result, in large part, of the numerous holidaymakers and residential visitors we receive.

This commitment requires a considerable effort to train the population in plurilingualism.

As a part of the plurilingualism promotion plan in Andalucia (SPAIN), we can find the Prulilingualism and cross-culturalism programme. The fundamental objective proposed is to provide immigrant pupils, or pupils from colonies of non-spanish-speaking foreign residents, with schooling that facilitates their integration, which includes Spanish lessons and promotes teaching in their mother tongue. This will be accompanied by the study of the culture of the country of origin, in order to help them conserve their cultural heritage and remain in contact with that culture and, should the case arise, facilitate their return to their country of origin.



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