Languages in Europe Towards 2020

The final publication of the project is now available, on line and as a hard copy publication. Based on the discussions and debates which took place in 2010 it provides a framework for future consideration of language policy in Europe. It includes a review of current policy and policies at European and state level, an analysis of how things are changing and suggestions for future action in relation to such central issues as The Future Model of Language Policy, The Lingua Franca, Multilingual Education, Languages beyond school (including the importance of immigrant multiligualism), Languages and the Worldwide Web, Multilingual Cities. For a hard copy please contact us.


Multilingual Cities

Spotlight on London:
London as a Global City: Educating a community of multilingual international young people. Read more.
London Big Ben and Bus
Multilingual London: The facts about languages in our Capital.

Spotlight on Utrecht:
After Luxembourg Utrecht is the second multilingual hotspot in Europa. How can we make our city an interesting European laboratory in a globalizing world? This weblog will collect local and global inspirations for creating this laboratory.