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The two major strands of LETPP are languages for social cohesion (questions of identity, community and mutual understanding), and languages for intercultural communication (questions of commerce, employability, and international relations). Taken together these underpin the aspiration to create a viable, competitive and democratic society based on principles of diversity, inclusiveness and mutual respect.

The project has organised two seminars, one on Languages and Social Cohesion (at the LSE), and one on Languages and Intercultural Communication/Employability (at the House of Lords) to establish key questions and an outline for further discussion. Notes and podcasts from these events are available on the LETPP website.

1. Languages and Social Cohesion

2. Languages and Intercultural Communication/Employability

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Multilingual Cities

Spotlight on London:
London as a Global City: Educating a community of multilingual international young people. Read more.
London Big Ben and Bus
Multilingual London: The facts about languages in our Capital.

Spotlight on Utrecht:
After Luxembourg Utrecht is the second multilingual hotspot in Europa. How can we make our city an interesting European laboratory in a globalizing world? This weblog will collect local and global inspirations for creating this laboratory.

Seminar Feedback

The International input from Francis Goullier was very interesting and it was stimulating to listen to it in French! Why should everything always be in English?